The Story behind -Hymn

Brea Wike Originals

Brea Wike Originals

I remember looking out the window, at the quilted prairies of the midwest 32,000 ft below and thinking that my one year anniversary away from North Dakota was on my heels. 2015 was a the hardest year I've lived. I left everyone I loved and everything I knew in order to seek out the brilliant creative minds that could help push me toward my goal of making beautiful music. In the process I was forced to relearn how to think... and this forced redirection of the mind seemed to also force me to shed everything that I loved about making music, and everything I knew about myself. My world transformed This transformation made me question my identity, it made me question who I was, and most of all it made me long for home and "what was". I so wanted to take my friends, my family, my favorite places on earth, and transport them from the center of North Dakota to my new home in Nashville to ease some of this pain, and fill the longing. It seemed like every new memory I made didn't hold the same weight the old ones did. No matter what I tried, nothing measured up.

As I sat in my 14A window seat and looked down, I realized that, outside of my now fìance, none of my friends and family had made the trip to get a taste of I was experiencing. At first, I was sad that pieces of my home hadn't trickled south to experience my new environment. But then the core idea of "Hymn" constructed itself in my mind. 

"I must go alone, cause I need you there, so my memory of home is full"

I thought back to my memories, and realized that the reason they held so much weight is because the people I love were in the place I love... and at the time, because I was feeling so much identity loss and change, the idea of removing those things would also slowly delude the clarity of these memories and make the home I was trying to hold onto less valuable.

Hymn is a story about leaving home, but discovering that regardless where you go, you take the people you love with you. It is a tribute to my family, to my friends, and an indication of how much of an impact they have made on my life. Its telling them that even though I'm 1500 miles away, I'll be there for them. Its a reminder that every memory, every heartbreak, every scar stays on your mind, heart, and skin... and even though we continue trying to navigate new areas of life with the passing of time, where we come from follows us through it all... and is intertwined to the stories we are trying to scribble down every day.