The Story Behind - Hiraeth EP Artwork

I’m excited to announce that the ‘Hiraeth EP’ will be released to you all on August 3, 2018. I’ll be sharing content regarding the meaning and people behind this album in the coming days, and one person that needs to be mentioned alongside this post is @andrewcadima for his brilliant work on the cover art. 

A while back I sent Andrew the album and gave him my thoughts on the themes of the music and messages, some old pictures of my grandfathers, Tony and Ken (who were heavily involved in the inspiration and making of this record... but more on that later) and asked if he’d be interested in taking these elements and creating the visuals that would represent these songs appropriately.... not only did he agree to help, but he completely owned this idea, took it in a direction I couldn’t have imagined, and gifted me this beautiful painting depicting my young grandfathers standing in the fall plains of the prairie. And for that I am indebted to you @andrewcadima . Thank you. It is perfect