Joel Porter, native musical son of Bismarck, went to Nashville to find his truth. He woke up early to pour coffee, stayed up late to finish songs, and along the way met other travelers* (myself included) seeking the same truth that he was. These people moved him, and were moved by him, and along the way he discovered that he was the treasure he had been seeking. 

He returned to North Dakota (also known as 'The Peace Garden State' swell, eh?) and discovered that there were spirits hidden in cracks and crevices everywhere he looked. His simple observation could coax these beautiful truths out of hiding. His dreams of mountainside campfires were full of them. And unlike the robber barons who rob the land of majesty, he felt certain he was emboldening and strengthening the truths that he was finding. Making them richer and deeper. 

'Mountain Twin' is a tribute. To skies forever. To seeing in every direction until the horizon drops. To climbing mountains only to descend a different man. To family bands, and singing strings, and raging floods. 'Mountain Twin' sings to these. And sweetly. 

-John Rayne 1/11/16

*oh hello there, did you want some specific names? I guess you're entitled to that, though it does make this writer's skin crawl a little. Joel has made music with: Foreign Fields, Matthew and the Atlas, and Boom Forest. He performed on the score to forthcoming video game Ashen. His family is a family band. He is a great friend and a great man.

*Mountain Twin available March 3, 2017